My name is Jessica Miller and I am 20-years-old. I am currently in my fourth (and final) year at the University of Queensland (UQ) studying a dual degree in a Bachelor of Journalism and Communications majoring in Public Relations.

I come from a small town in Central Queensland but moved to Brisbane to commence studying at UQ in 2015. Being in Brisbane has been quite the eye opening experience; I have gone from living in an isolated town with a small population to a bustling city that never sleeps.

I created this blog to showcase some of my work completed throughout my degree as well as through my internships. As you will see on my site, I have been an intern at a variety of media outlets including Queensland Magazines (print & online), ABC Capricornia (radio & online) and Beef Australia Ltd (communications & marketing).

My other interests include photography. Some highlights from my photography adventures include being given the opportunity to photograph Vance Joy at his 2016 ‘Fire and Flood’ Tour as well as having some of my photos published on tourism sites and through the ABC Open website. These photos can be found under my photography tab.

Currently, I am a part time communications and marketing assistant for the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) while studying full time in my last 12 months of university.




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